About Us

About Us



We started Rubicon Roadcase and ATA Transit with the idea that furniture manufacturers are very well suited to make road cases – we have the equipment, know how and access to excellent materials.  Our company is located in North Carolina and has been in the crate making / case making business for almost forty years – our cases are sold to retailers and a number of manufacturers who use our cases as high end packaging.

Crates, furniture grade cases, and road cases have a lot in common – they are all cubic in design (if you did it right) and are judged on utility and structural integrity.  Rubicon brings some of this case/crate making experience to road cases.  Our cases are an integrated whole, the sides interleave with one another in a self re-enforcing design that makes for a more solid structure and offers better protection to the contents.

Our intuition is that prospective customers would appreciate a reliable and well crafted product priced in a respectful way – a reasonable markup for the time and materials used. We also guessed that such a price would be among the best if not the best in the market.

The company has three main values in its approach to the market:

  • Transparency in pricing – it should not be a big mystery as to how much you are going to pay for a case. We put our prices right there below the item with shipping included. This should not be a big deal, but for some reason in this little niche market a lot of providers want you to ask before they tell you the price.
  • 100% customer satisfaction – we are here to serve your case needs and will deliver on our promise of a quality road case reasonably priced every single time.
  • American manufacturing – there is nothing wrong with stuff made other places but when you buy a Rubicon road case you are supporting folks in North Carolina who might see you in concert, buy your product, or help you fix a flat on I-40.

We have started our effort with pedal board cases and realized as we were working out the manufacturing that it would be pretty easy to make some wooden pedalboards as well, so we made some and put the pictures on the website.  Wood is our material of choice in all of our products, and it looks great and the pedal boards really let you showcase that.  Of course, a pedalboard has a day job, but it can’t hurt to look good doing it.

Let us know how we are doing, what we can do better, and any we can help with your road case / pedal board needs at Team@rubiconroadcase.com.