Rubicon Guitar Effects Pedal Board - Angled 16 x32 Nominal (15.5" x31.5")

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Rubicon pedal boards, like our cases, are handmade by furniture craftspeople at our workshop in Taylorsville, NC.  We make the pedalboard frames from aromatic cedar on this board with furniture grade birch plywood for the slats.

Rubicon pedalboards are lightweight, solidly built, and look fantastic.


  • Designed for use with the 8” depth Pedal Board Road Cases

  • Large 15.5" x 31.5" face.
  • Aromatic cedar frame
  • Routed holes on both sides and routed handhold in the back for easy carry and for running cable.
  • Space beneath the board to allow for a 3” H x 4”L power source
  • Clearance at the highest point above the board is 3.25” in an 8” deep road case, 5.75 at the low point in the front.
  • Routed side and back for cable access
  • Plastic feet on the bottom of the board
  • Nominal size is 16 x 32, actual is 15.5 x 31.5 to fit in the case.
  • Boards are 4 3/8" high at the back, 2 1/4” high in the front
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